Our committees

In addition to the governing body and our primary care commissioning committee, we have a number of committees within our governance structure:

  • Associate leadership team
  • Audit and governance committee
  • CCG council
  • Finance and performance committee
  • Individual funding requests panel
  • Joint committee of West Yorkshire CCGs
  • Quality committee
  • Remuneration committee
  • Senior leadership team

The terms of reference for some of these groups are included as appendix 2 of the CCG constitution (audit and governance committee, CCG council, primary care commissioning committee and senior leadership team). The CCG constitution can be found here.

The terms of reference for the joint committee of West Yorkshire CCGs can be found on its website.

The terms of reference for the other groups are available below :

There are a number of additional documents which support these committees. These include the CCG constitution (which includes our standing orders), standing financial instructions and a scheme of delegation and reservation.

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