Senior leadership team

Our senior leadership team is responsible for leading our vision and strategy, developing and approving commissioning plans, overseeing the commissioning process and overseeing the operating plans for our CCG.

The senior leadership team are also supported by a number of associate clinical directors and clinical leads.

The senior leadership team is made up of GP’s and members of the management team:

  • Helen Hirst

    Helen Hirst

    Chief officer

  • Dr James Thomas

    Dr James Thomas

    Clinical chair

  • Dr Sohail Abbas

    Dr Sohail Abbas

    Deputy clinical chair and strategic clinical director of population health and wellbeing

  • Liz Allen

    Liz Allen

    Strategic director of organisation effectiveness

  • Dr Louise Clarke

    Dr Louise Clarke

    Strategic clinical director of strategy and planning

  • Nancy O'Neill

    Nancy O'Neill

    Deputy chief officer and strategic director of transformation and change

  • Dr Junaid Azam

    Dr Junaid Azam

    Strategic clinical director of transformation and change

  • Ali Jan Haider

    Ali Jan Haider

    Strategic director of keeping well at home

  • Placeholder image


    Strategic clinical director of keeping well in the community

  • Dr Dave Tatham

    Dr Dave Tatham

    Strategic clinical director of keeping well in hospital

  • Robert Maden

    Robert Maden

    Chief finance officer

  • Dr Taz Aldawoud

    Dr Taz Aldawoud

    Chief clinical information officer

  • Michelle Turner

    Michelle Turner

    Strategic director of quality and nursing

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