Policies and procedures

This class of the publication scheme contains our current written policies, procedures and protocols for delivering our responsibilities.

Members of NHS boards, clinical commissioning group governing bodies and NHS managers are expected to meet core standards of conduct. The following policies and procedures have been developed to guide our staff in the work they do and reassure the public that these important decisions taken by our CCG are being made against a background of professional standards and accountability.

The standards for members of NHS boards and Clinical Commissioning Group governing bodies in England can be on the Professional Standards Authority website (opens in a new window). The seven principles of public life can be found on the government website here (opens in a new window).

The Code of Conduct of NHS Managers can be found on the NHS Employers website (opens in a new window).

We are currently in the process of updating many of our policies and procedures. Many of our policies and procedures have been carried over from our previous three CCGs (NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG, NHS Bradford City CCG and NHS Bradford Districts CCG), updated policies will be added to this page of our website as they become available.

Human resources (HR), recruitment and employment policies

Information governance policies

Data protection and records management

Patient policies

There are a number of commissioning policies which have been standardised across West Yorkshire and Harrogate. This means that access to healthcare and eligibility criteria is the same for everyone, regardless of where in West Yorkshire they live. This includes policies on flash glucose monitoring and lithyronine. You can have a look at all our shared commissioning policies on the West Yorkshire  Health and Care Partnership website (opens in a new window).

Other policies

Equality and diversity policies and equality scheme

Information about our equality and diversity policies and equality scheme can be found on the equality and diversity page of our website.

Caldicott Guardian

The Caldicott Guardian for our organisation is Michelle Turner, strategic director of quality and nursing. The Caldicott Guardian acts as the ‘conscience’ of an organisation and is primarily concerned with the protection of patient and service user information by actively supporting and enabling information sharing where appropriate.

Freedom to speak up guardian

The freedom to speak up guardian acts as an independent and impartial source of advice to staff at any stage of raising a concern. They have access to anyone in the organisation or if necessary, outside the organisation. The CCG has appointed Richard Wilkinson, lay member for governance, on our governing body, as our freedom to speak up guardian,

Standing financial procedures, instructions and standing orders

Standing financial instructions can be found in this PDF document.

The scheme of delegation and reservation can be found in this PDF document.

Standing orders and the financial scheme of delegation are appendices to the CCG constitution (PDF document).

Complaints and other customer service policies and procedures

Information about raising a concern, complaint or giving a compliment can be found on the patient support line page of our website.

For general feedback, please use the contact information on the contact page of our website.

Estate management

Our CCG does not own or manage estates.

Charging regimes and policies

Information about fees for freedom of information disbursements can be found in the frequently asked questions section of the making a freedom of information request page of our website.

Schedule of fees

We are currently updating our schedule of fees, it will be published here once available.

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