What are our priorities and how are we doing

This class of the publication scheme contains information about our strategies and plans, how well we are performing, audits, inspections and reviews.

Annual reports

Our priorities and performance against our priorities are usually outlined in our annual report. Our organisation was created on 1 April 2020, therefore we do not yet have an annual report which would normally include this information. Our annual report will be published here once available.

You can take a look at the latest annual reports from our previous three CCGs, NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, NHS Bradford City CCG, NHS Bradford Districts CCG on the archive page of our website.

Information about our vision and values can be found on the about us page of our website and in our constitution.

Commissioning plans, targets, aims and objectives

You can view our commissioning plans, targets, aims and objectives by taking a look at the strategies and documents pages of our website.

Our five year business plan – strategic direction

Our five year business plan is currently in development and will be published here once available.

Performance against targets (KPIs), performance framework and performance management information

Our performance is measured against the NHS oversight framework. You can find more information about the framework and how we perform against it on the performance page of our website.

Reports by regulatory organisations

NHS England has a statutory duty to assess every clinical commissioning group (CCG) in England. This is done on an annual basis through the NHS oversight framework.

The NHS oversight framework replaced the improvement and assessment framework for 2019/2020. This approach to how we are assessed reflects the way we work we partners across our local integrated care system and wider sustainability and transformation partnership. It also aligns with the measures described in the NHS Long Term Plan Implementation Framework (opens in a new window).

You can find out more about the NHS oversight framework on the NHS England and NHS Improvement website (opens in a new window).

Annual assurance letters for 2018-19, for our previous three CCGs (NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven CCG, NHS Bradford City CCG and NHS Bradfird Districts CCG) are available to view on the archive page of our website.

Audit reports delivered at board level

Audit reports are regularly considered by our governing body and can be found in our governing body meeting papers. You can find governing body meeting papers on the relevant event date on the events page of our website.

Service user surveys

Our CCG wants to hear what people think about their local health and care services. We proactively encourage people to give their views and feedback as it helps to shape services for the future and informs our decision making process.

We are keen to hear about people’s views and ideas about any aspect of our CCG and our patient and public engagement work.

You can find more information about service user surveys, consultations and how we engage with patients and the public on the get involved pages of our website.

Privacy impact assessments

Our privacy impact assessment is currently being updated and will be published here once available.

Environmental policy proposals, plans and programmes

Developing sustainable working practices within our organisation, commissioning cycle and member practices is a priority for our CCG.

We are tenants at our offices at Scorex House in Bradford City Centre. The office is close to bus routes, train stations and a main cycle path to enable staff and visitors to travel to work using public transport. Our staff frequently car share or use public transport if they are travelling to the same location.

Our CCG has policies on flexible and home working with remote working facilities which reduce the need for staff travel. We adopt various approaches to meetings, using technology including teleconferences, FaceTime and webinars. Staff also use e-learning platforms to undertake training.
We are a bike friendly business and part of a scheme to provide electric bikes for staff to use to and from work and between meetings.

We have implemented technology which has significantly reduced the need to print papers for meetings. We encourage staff where possible to reduce paper use.

In our standard contracts with providers we ask all providers to demonstrate progress on climate change adaptation, sustainable development and performance against carbon reduction management plans.

As a member of Bradford and Airedale health and wellbeing board, we continue to be signed up to the Bradford low emission strategy.

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