Maternity Voices Partnership

The Maternity Voices Partnership is a group made up of parents, health and care professionals who work together to help develop maternity services in Bradford district and Craven. People who are part of Maternity Voices meet three times a year to listen to people’s experiences and ideas about local maternity services.

Our CCG takes part in these conversations to help us understand people’s experiences of having a baby so that we can improve services, highlight things that work well and find out where things haven’t gone so well and look at how local maternity care can be improved.

Women and their families can get involved with the work of the Maternity Voices Partnership. If you would like any further information about how to join or the work of the partnership, you can email, or visit the Engaging People website here (opens in a new window).

The Maternity Voices Partnership is supported by Engaging PeopleIt helps us respond to the national maternity review Better Births (opens in a new window), which is all about improving outcomes of maternity services in England.

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