Women’s Health Network

The Women’s Health Network looks at the health issues and inequalities facing women and their families across Bradford district and Craven. You can find out more about the Women’s Health network and how to get involved by watching the following video:

You can read the transcript of the Women’s Health Network video on this page of our website.

We work with the Women’s Health Network to improve health and care services for women and their families. We aim to:

  • understand what stops women accessing health services
  • find gaps in services
  • make sure services meet the needs of local women and their families
  • make sure that we use the resources, skills and talent in our local communities well
  • make sure health messages are clear, easy to understand and are shared effectively
  • help women improve their own health and wellbeing, and that of their family and friends
  • work open and honestly together
  • use the outcomes of the Women’s Health Network to achieve better health for the women of Bradford district and Craven.

How the Women’s Health Network make a difference

The Women’s Health Network identifies issues that are important to local women and their families. Recently, they highlighted feedback about menopause and the challenges that women can often experience due to a lack of information about the subject. They told us about how it impacts wellbeing and how women feel as though the menopause is often considered a taboo subject.

As a result, the Women’s Health Network is piloting Menopause Cafe’s across Bradford to provide a safe space for conversations about menopause. They aim to increase the awareness of the impact of the menopause on those experiencing it, their friends, colleagues and families. The sessions are unstructured, to enable open discussions in a confidential space.

The Women’s Health Network has also been involved in the Talk Cancer project which was all about helping people have conversations about cancer. The members of the network created a show on local radio station BCB about the importance of cancer screening.

You can read an evaluation of the Women’s Health Network in Bradford here.

Women’s Health Network meeting minutes

You can take a look at the Women’s Health Network meeting minutes on the Engaging People page of the CNet Bradford and district website here (opens in a new window).

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