Youth volunteering hub

The youth volunteering hub is made up of 15 committed young people, between the ages of 16-18. With the help and support of Volunteering Bradford, we are hoping to expand this group of young volunteers and create more opportunities in the health and care sector for them to get involved in.

There are opportunities for young people to get involved in the work our CCG does. This includes helping with social media to getting involved in our engagement work with the public.

Our CCG is to be actively engaged with the youth volunteering hub and regularly update Volunteering Bradford, with opportunities that arise in our organisation. Volunteers that show interest in that particular role will be a given a description, which includes who to report to if there is a problem, dates and times for volunteering and much more). Volunteering Bradford will provide suitable training before roles start so that volunteers know what to expect and what is expected of them.

How will Volunteering Bradford support the CCGs volunteer group?

Volunteering Bradford will host regular group meetings where young people can share their ideas and work on tasks collectively, as well as finding out about individual volunteering opportunities. The sessions will take place at both Bread and Roses Café and Perkin House (the Volunteering Bradford office).

One to one meetings will be offered with a main point of contact: Kirsty Powley, facilitator of the youth volunteering hub for Volunteering Bradford who you can email on

Volunteering Bradford will respect people’s skills, dignity and individual wishes and they will do their best to meet people in person and provide ongoing support, supervision and training.

Volunteering Bradford will also:

  • reimburse travel costs and ensure you are not out of pocket as a result of volunteering with us.provide a safe place to volunteer, by ensuring their organisational safeguarding, equal opportunities, and other policies are compiled with.
  • keep track of the activities and tasks you get involved with and will keep us updated. This is so that they can show you how you have made a difference.
  • after completing 30 hours of volunteering with the CCG, they will provide you with a reference.

What are the responsibilities of the CCG volunteer in the youth volunteering hub?

All volunteers are expected to attend at least six sessions a year and respond to communications promptly. As a volunteer you should attend all induction and core training sessions provided by Volunteering Bradford. Issues and concerns can be raised through your main point of contact.

Why should young people join the youth volunteering hub?

One of the main benefits of joining the youth volunteering hub and volunteering with us is that it acts as a gateway for you to get involved in in other health and care opportunities. Gaining volunteering experience can be used to support applications to UCAS and job applications. It could provide you with opportunities to work in other health and care organisations such as GP practices.

It will also give you the opportunity to meet a diverse range of young people across Bradford district and Craven. Your involvement will help the NHS make sure that what we do meets the needs of young people in our area. Your voice can change what happens with health and care in your local community. By volunteering, you can become a valuable part of our future NHS workforce.

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