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City centre pharmacy supporting COVID-19 vaccine uptake during Ramadan


23 Apr 2021

A Bradford pharmacy is offering a late night ‘drop in’ Covid vaccine clinic tonight (Friday 23 April 2021) as part of local efforts to maximise vaccine uptake.

The clinic is running at Rimmington Pharmacy on Bridge Street in the city centre, from 7pm until midnight.

The COVID-19 vaccine is currently available to anyone aged 45 or over, carers, people who live and work in care homes, frontline health and social care workers, and anyone over 18 who is clinically vulnerable.

Anyone who is currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine will be able to attend for their first dose, without an appointment.

This service has been organised during Ramadan, to help people who may find it more convenient to have the vaccine outside of the fasting period.

Nancy O’Neill, Deputy Chief Officer at NHS Bradford District and Craven Clinical Commisssioning Group and joint lead for the Bradford District and Craven COVID-19 Vaccination Programme said: “We are delighted that the team at Rimmington Pharmacy are supporting our efforts to help those who are fasting have the vaccine at a time that suits their needs. It is the latest step in our approach to address the barriers and inequalities that some communities face; to control the COVID-19 virus it’s vitally important that we help all communities to access vaccine as easily as possible.

“We recognise that Ramadan is a very important time for Muslims and although the Covid vaccine can be taken safely during Ramadan without fear of fast being broken, we know that some people will find it easier to come for an appointment after they have ended their fast.

“This late evening clinic will help ensure that nobody needs to miss out on the COVID-19 vaccine, which offers our best hope for protecting ourselves, our families, and our communities.“

Qaisar Sheikh, Covid Vaccination Lead for Rimmington Pharmacy, said: “We are pleased to be supporting efforts to help encourage people who are fasting to get vaccinated later on in the day to fit around their daily routine. If you know someone who is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, please encourage them to come along to our pharmacy – no appointment will be needed. Our late evening clinic is for anyone aged 45 and over, carers, people who live and work in care homes, frontline health and social care staff and anyone over 18 who is clinically vulnerable.”

People who have had the vaccine are reminded that they still need to follow national Government guidance to protect both themselves and others from COVID-19.

To find out more about the COVID-19 vaccine please visit

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