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Integrated Care Board (ICB) Constitution Involvement


09 Nov 2021

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (WY HCP), which is an integrated care system, continues to make progress with the development and implementation of the new statutory Integrated Care System (ICS), which will come into effect in April 2022, subject to parliamentary approval.

The Health and Care Bill 2021, which will formally establish ICSs, is currently at committee stage in parliament, receiving a detailed examination following its second reading.

The Bill will put ICSs on a statutory footing, empowering them to better join up health and care for people, improve population health, and reduce health inequalities.  This will help ensure everyone has the best start in life, and has every opportunity to live a long, healthy life.

The strategy for the ICS will be agreed by our Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).  This has wide representation from partners across West Yorkshire. The strategy will be built from the joint health and wellbeing strategies of each of our local places: Bradford District and Craven; Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, and Wakefield .

Our ICS will have an Integrated Care Board (ICB), which will be responsible for leading NHS integration at West Yorkshire level.  It will develop a plan to meet the health needs of the population and secure the provision of health services and will be directly accountable for NHS spend and performance in West Yorkshire. The ICB will deliver most of its functions through the five place-based partnerships in West Yorkshire (Bradford District and Craven; Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds, and Wakefield) as part of a well-established way of working to meet the diverse needs of our citizens and communities. Central to this approach are local people; both the public and the staff who deliver health and care services.

To support this WY HCP are drafting an ICB constitution, which sets out what the ICB will do and how it will work.

While getting our structures and governance right is crucial, integrated care is about practical, real improvements to care and population health

Key to our approach is our principle of subsidiarity – ensuring that decisions are taken as close to local communities as possible, and only at West Yorkshire level where there are clear benefits from collaborative approaches and economies of scale.

Bradford District and Craven CCG is helping the Partnership ensure that all our local stakeholders can comment on the draft Constitution. Here is how you can do this:

  • Contact to invite us to your meeting to discuss the draft Constitution
  • Visit the West Yorkshire ICB website using this link and read the constitution, briefing, answers to frequently asked questions to discuss this yourselves and use the comment portal to share your views.
  • Leave your comments on the feedback from at the bottom of the constitution web page link
  • Share your comments on

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