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Local patients share what they think about the coronavirus vaccine


14 Jan 2021

Patients from local GP practices have shared their thoughts about having the first dose of the coronavirus vaccination.

The Kensington Partnership and Affinity Care at Shipley Health Centre have both had overwhelmingly positive comments from patients who have come to have their coronavirus vaccine. Both, along with a number of other GP vaccination services in the area, have given the first dose of the vaccine to thousands of patients over the last few weeks.

Coronavirus vaccination appointment card

Just a few anonymous comments from the Friends and Family Test at Shipley Health Centre include:

“Very efficient, cannot fault the process for providing the COVID 19 vaccine.”

“I have had my Covid vaccine…it was all very well organised and staff made you very much at ease.”

“It was an excellent experience under difficult circumstances. The staff were well organised at every stage and we felt very safe.”

“I brought my elderly Nanna in for her Covid vaccine and I can honestly say every single one of you that we met was just lovely and ever so friendly. They was working so hard but still had a smile on their face and made my Nanna, who usually hates going to any doctors/hospital appointments at ease, and even she walked away and said how lovely you all was. Truly our NHS heroes, well done, and thank you for giving my Nanna some hope.”

Dr Danielle Hann, a GP from Affinity Care working at Shipley Health Centre, said: “The feedback from patients who have come to have their vaccination has been so positive. We wanted to share the feedback to encourage everyone who has received an invitation for the vaccine to take up the offer. Patients have been really enthusiastic and willing to come in at short notice, which has helped us make sure that we use every drop of vaccine.

“We are offering vaccines to the people who are most at risk of coronavirus, and would like to reassure people that your GP practice will be in touch with you when it is your turn. The vaccine is safe, effective and the best way of protecting yourself from coronavirus.

“I would also like to say thank you to those patients who have taken the time to give their feedback. Every bit of feedback matters, and to hear such wonderful comments gives our hard working staff, and volunteers, at our local vaccination services such a boost.”

Tracy, a GP practice manager in central Bradford said: “The vaccination programme to build immunity will be the biggest turning point in helping us get on top of this virus and our lives back to some level of normality. Don’t look at all the false information out there, bring yourself up to speed on all the facts from the official government website so you can make an informed decision.”

Naseem Llewellen, a member of the patient participation group at Kensington Partnership said: “I am relieved to know that finally the vaccine for COVID-19 is ready and available to the public. This virus has taken many lives and restricted our lives massively. I have already been made aware by my GP practice that the vaccine will be made available to me in due course and they will contact me. I appreciate that the vaccine will be first be offered to the most vulnerable which makes absolute sense. Hopefully the more people that are vaccinated, the more hope we have for lives to return to normality.”

People will be contacted by the NHS when it is their turn to have the coronavirus vaccination, they do not need to get in touch with their GP practice. The vaccine is given in two doses and people will be invited back for their second dose around 12 weeks after their first appointment.

Patients are also asked to make sure that their GP practice has their most up to date contact details, such as telephone number and address. This will make it easier for GP practices to get in touch with people to invite them for the vaccine. The best way to update contact details is by going online to your GP practice website and completing an ‘e-Consult’, this will free up GP practice phone lines for urgent calls.

There is still the chance people might still get or spread coronavirus even if they have had the vaccine so it is important to continue to follow national guidance, socially distance and wear a face covering.

For further information about the coronavirus vaccination, visit the NHS website:

The Kensington Partnership is a group of GP practices which includes: Kensington Street Health Centre, Lower Grange, Mughal Medical Centre and the Woodroyd Medical Practice.

Affinity Care is a group of GP practices which includes: Shipley Medical Practice, Westcliffe Medical Practice, Thornton and Denholme Medical Practice, Cowgill Surgery, The Willows Medical Practice, North Street Medical Practice, Sunnybank Medical Practice and Haigh Hall Medical Practice.

10 primary care networks (PCNs) made up of all GP practices across Bradford district and Craven are now delivering coronavirus vaccinations to local patients.

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