Medicines waste

Your NHS spends £300 million every year on medicines that are not used by patients, money which could be used to improve your services.

To make sure you get the most out of every NHS pound spend in Bradford district and Craven, we’re asking you to take control and help reduce the amount of medicines that are wasted.

The NHS is asking people to:

  1. take the medicines you are given – the most expensive medicines are the ones not taken. 50% of medicines are not taken as directed within 10 days of being prescribed.
  2. not asking for medicines you don’t need – check what you have got at home first.
  3. use your NHS to the best – sometimes your GP isn’t the best person to see, you can see your pharmacist, quickly without an appointment.
  4. buy some medicines from shops instead – it’s cheaper to buy medicines for short term, minor illnesses, from a supermarket or pharmacy.

It’s also worth knowing that medicines can’t be recycled. You can return used or unwanted medicines to your doctor or pharmacy. But, that same medication can’t be given to another patient – the medicines can only be disposed of as waste.

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