Dental advice

Dentists are independent practitioners and can choose how much of their work is dedicated to providing services for the NHS. It is worth checking with your dental practice whether you can be accepted as an NHS patient as sometimes they have limited space available.

Your dentist will agree with you whether your treatment is under the NHS, private or a mixture of both and give you an estimate of the cost.

Registering with an NHS dentist

You can find a dentist using the NHS website services finder (opens in a new window). Once you have searched for a dentist on the NHS website, it will advise you whether the dental practice is accepting new patients and give you their contact details. Before making your appointment, it is worth confirming the services that they provide.
If you have tried to register with several dental practices and you cannot find a dentist accepting NHS patients, the West Yorkshire Area Team should be able to let you know about available services in your area. You can contact the West Yorkshire Area Team on 0113 8252700.

Charges for dental treatment

The price for dental treatment is set by the government. Charges for treatment are the same no matter which dental practice you go to and the amount you pay depends on the treatment you need. Information about dental treatment charges can be found on the NHS website (opens in a new window).

Emergency dental treatment

If you need urgent dental treatment, your usual dental practice may be able to see you or direct you to another dental service. If you do not have a regular dentist or your emergency is out of hours, you can go online to (opens in a new window) or call NHS 111 who will be able to advise you.

Further information

You can find further information about dentists and dental treatment on the NHS website (opens in a new window).

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