Proper Yorkshire, Together – full wording (transcript)

Hello everybody! Ian McMillan here from me book lined room in Barnsley.

Here’s a poem about coronavirus by Rachel McCafferty.

It tells us what to do, so think on…

Whether t’sun comes up in Yorkshire, or t’rain begins to fall
We proper stick together, when t’Covid comes to call

When tha’s flummoxed by t’gubbins abaht masks and tests and t’rules
Keep apart to stay together, like us Yorkshire folk allus do

Wash tha mitts for 20 seconds as often as tha can
Tha won’t see t’muck of Covid if it’s gotten on tha hands

If tha’s spluttering, feeling mafted or stuff don’t smell or taste quite reight
Those are symptoms of t’Covid, so it’s time to isolate

Stay ‘ome if tha has symptoms, TEN days should do t’trick
For t’rest o’t’ family? 14 days, get t’online shop booked quick!

Pick up t’blower; book a test when t’symptoms start to show
It teks 2 minutes in your gob’oil – wouldn’t you rather know?

Mek sure tha covers tha cake ‘oil and tha neb end at t’same time
Tha friendly Yorkshire smile can still be seen in tha eyes

Treat tha face covering like tha underpants
Swap it regular, don’t share it abaht
Don’t gadabaht commando
Doff it safely and chuck it out

Keep tha distance when tha’s gadding and tha group o’folks small
Big throngs of folks together will mean Covid’s come to call

Two metres apart is magic, or perhaps to you and me…
T’length of a chip’oil counter, two sheep or one Sean Bean.

So stay safe for tha nanna, for tha grandad, for t’bairns
Stay safe and follow t’rules until t’pandemic ends

Cause whether t’sun comes up in Yorkshire, or t’rain begins to fall
We’ll proper stick together, apart, but together, all.

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